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    America The Beautiful
    Jie loves America. He enjoys being in the United States.  ...wide open spaces, clear blue skys, clean parks, 
    playgrounds, beautiful rivers, lakes, and streams. Wildlife, ...the ocean, ...Jie loves the ocean. 
    It is always difficult for him to return again to China.
    When you find yourself complaining about some of our smoggy cities, just remember the way it was back
    30 years ago in the United States, the same way it is now in other developing countries such as India and
    China are so very much worse.  ...more than you can comprehend. Certainly not a reason to be complacent
    and stop our important efforts to a "Greener Environment", but to be thankful of our improvement in America
    the past 3 years.  
      -see the link: Planet China
    Industrial Growth and Wealth 'vs Pollution
    Because of the efforts of many: government, individuals, and organizations, the United States has made
    much progress since the Industrial Revolution began nearly 200 years ago. During that 200 year period and
    even into the 50's, 60's, and 70's, we allowed our factories and big business to poison our fertile land, rivers,
    lakes,streams with pollution and extreme toxic waste. We were literally poisoning our American citizens in 
    exchange for our convenient lifestyle and prosperity. 
       -see the link: Planet China
    Cleaner America, Because Our Factories Are In China
    Few people are really connecting the dots. America is cleaner for two main reasons.
    1) Environmental Laws and Corporate responsibility in the United States
         We are actually cleaning up our waterways and land.
         We have banned most toxic chemicals and pesticides.
    2) Our products are made in China and other countries, not in America.
        Approximately 80% of everything in your home and office are now made in China.
        Our polluting factories are no longer in the United States, ...they are in China.
    Americans have lost most of our "new" pollution because we manufacture very little in America anymore.
    We are loosing pollution sources, but also our factories, jobs, and finally our global economic strength.
    America the Beautiful, is now Made in China, and Absolutely Irreversible...
    What American products are made in our new China factories?
     - All our computers, and computer products
     - Most all technology and electronics
     - Most of our furniture, decorations, and accessories
     - Bathrooms, kitchens and all accessories
     - Homes, modular, and prefab
     - Toys
     - Gems of every type
     - Jewelry
     - Cosmetic and medical ingredients
     - Automobile parts
     - Office equipment, and furniture
     - Packaging, printing, including magazines
     - Security and Surveillance systems and cameras
     - Clothes and fashions
     - All famous athletics shoe brands, and most fashion and work shoes
     - Sporting Goods, and accessories
     - Bicycles, motor bikes, ATV, boats, motorcycles, and all accessories
     - Tools and shop equipment
     - Gifts of every type
     - Health and Nutrition products, including dried foods, milk protein and milk whey.
     - Medicines, and critical medical ingredients
     - Foods, key food ingredients, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, dry milk products,  meats, poultry, and fish
       ...and this is our greatest concern now, dangerously grown and process foods and food ingredients.
       But we can guard it.  We can change it.  We can stop it....  We need your awareness and your support.
       -see the link: Realistic Solutions
       -see the link: American Corporations in China
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    God Bless America...
    More details...
    Melamine Milk: China
    Most all American flags and Passport cases are all made in Mainland China now.
    Actual photo
    America: The "Land of Opportunity"
    Clean Parks & Recreation for Jie
    Children with a Future
    Farms, Ranches, and Safe Food
    Quality education for all...
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